How can I take part in the auction in order to acquire the piece?

The photo of the iris will be sold via an online auction held on a predetermined date over a period of one week.

To participate you have to register in advance with your personal data while agreeing to comply with the conditions of entry.

In the next 48h, once your account has been validated, you will receive confirmation by email.

Prices in the auction will include the appropriate IVA (VAT/GST).

Payment can be made via VISA or MASTERCARD.

For more information about conditions and how the auction works, click here.

Is the photo really unique? Might more copies appear in future?

The photo is unique, as are your rights. It’s authenticity and exclusivity will be certified by the donor. A low-resolution copy will be published before the auction but the high-resolution digital photo and the print will be delivered to the buyer.

Who guarantees that the photo is really of his eye?

Documents guaranteeing the authenticity of the photo of the iris will be supplied by the donor.

What can the buyer do with the NFT piece once they own it?

The buyer will be provided with an IPFS link where the high-quality photo will be lodged and where it can be kept or downloaded.

As the buyer owns the rights, they may publish copies, exchange or sell it.

If you have any further questions send them to  info@irisdelmundo.org