The auction


The auctioned photograph of the iris will be delivered to the buyer in two formats: a digital NFT* file + photographic print, both authenticated as unique by the donor.

Whoever acquires them will own the exclusive rights.

*NFT is a Non Fungible Token digital piece with a certificate guaranteeing authenticity and rights registered on the Blockchain network.


The purpose of the auction is to acquire a unique and very special piece to help us to raise funds to pay for operations that will help thousands of vulnerable people who are currently living in darkness to recover their sight. Are you familiar with the Eyes of the World Foundation’s projects?


You need to register in advance in order to comply with our transparency criteria and to ensure both the correct functioning of the auction and the commitment of the participants.

The auction will take online, in euros, over the period of one week. Reserve price: €9,000.

For more information about conditions and how the auction works, click here.

You may also consult the FAQs.